WATCH: Waleed Aly Recounting Trump’s First Week As Prez Is Goddamn Chilling

Well then.

It’s been a full seven days since Donald Trump was officially sworn in as the President of the United States of America, and while it’d usually take this long to recover from an anaemic 3 Doors Down set, there’s been so much more badness to unpack since then.

To tell you exactly how much, Waleed Aly of The Project recounted every significant action Trump or his team has completed thus far. That’s it – no commentary, no in-depth insight, just a rapid-fire list. 

That lack of critical dissection didn’t really detract from the situation, though. As Aly said, “the enormity of that alone is quite remarkable.” Considering the terrifying first White House press briefing, Trump’s wild and transparently narcissistic voter fraud claims, and his first moves on The Wall, Aly’s sole editorial comment seems understated:

If nothing drastic happens (read: if the mammoth protests against him peter out with time), Aly could conceivably pump out 207 more of these during Trump’s tenure. 

In truth, the whole segment smacks of US political commentator’s Keith Olbermann’s pre-election anti-Trump shitlist. Of course, despite that 176-point missive, the man who boasted about sexually assaulting women became the Commander in Chief: