When The Project’s co-host Waleed Aly gave us a recap of US President Donald Trump’s first week in office, we were a bit taken aback – after all, we knew the nation had a rough go of it in his first seven days, but hearing Aly catalogue Trump’s actions was still surreal.

We also knew Trump’s next week would be equally harsh, and we predicted “Aly could conceivably pump out 207 more of these during Trump’s tenure.” Welp, make that 206, because he’s just given us another calm run-down of the POTUS’ actions.

Aly barreled through Trump’s horrific immigration ban, the chilling appointment of Steve Bannon to a serious national security role, and closed out on the still-unfolding clusterfuck of a phone call between Trump and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (Trumble).


Give us strength. Cop a look below:

Source and photo: The Project / Facebook.