WATCH: Ted Cruz Refuses To Endorse Trump At RNC, Bathes In Republican Boos

Look, we won’t begrudge you for letting Ted Cruz fall of your US political radar. After the maelstrom that is Donald Trump finally enveloped all news regarding the Republican party, all of that Cruz memery – Lyin’ Tedthe Zodiac Killer, what have you – kinda lost its currency. 

Welp, dust off your hottest Cruz takes once more, ’cause his speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland was so full of sub-text it was basically a speech for the Democrats – and the crowd responded with the sudden realisation they’d majorly fucked up absolutely bloodthirsty boos.

In an address that “encouraged” the elephants to vote in November without once endorsing the party’s official nominee, Cruz appeared almost giddy as his non-committal words soured the masses in front of him.

If accounts from those who knew him in his early years are correct, it makes sense the senator would relish the opportunity to use his platform to spark divisions. Like a waxwork mannequin given life by the ire of others, you can actually watch the bloke lean in to the opposition as the crowd demands he “en-dorse Trump!” 

“We will unite the party, we will unite the country by standing together for shared values, by standing for liberty.” Yeah, alright mate.

Politics, y’all. Watch: