Trump Extremely Likely To Be Republican Nominee After Dominating Indiana

Everyone’s favourite mutant Troll Doll Donald Trump has absolutely decimated opponent and leading Zodiac Killer suspect Ted Cruz in the Indiana primary – handing him what will likely be all of the state’s delegates and all but nailing down the Republican presidential nomination.
Many Trump haters placed their hopes in Indiana – which they believed Cruz could win – as a last ditch effort to stop Trump from landing the 1,237 delegates he requires to sail through to the nomination. There goes that, hey? Now there are only a few states left, many of which are expected to swing Trump’s way – including the motherlode of California, which he’s leading by 26 points.
So that’s unfortunate news for those who bet the house on Ted Cruz, widely understood to be one of the world’s most unlikeable people with a slimy face that is scientifically proven to make you feel like vomiting into a sink.
So unless something huge happens, we’re probably looking at a Trump v Clinton battle come November. It’ll be like ‘Batman v Superman’, except less boring and with many, many more casualties, probably.
Source: Vox.
Photo: Getty Images / Joe Raedle.