Yr Boyfriend Evan Peters Humps A TV In The 1st Full ‘AHS: Cult’ Trailer

The show’s creators might be insisting that the US Election is merely gonna be a “jumping off point” for the upcoming new season, but if the first trailer for American Horror Story: Cult is anything to go by, it’ll be a pretty feckin’ big jumping off point.

The first look at what’s in store for season seven not only kicks off with election-night footage, but shows long-time AHS veteran Evan Peters as a Trump fanatic humping the TV.

But beyond that, longtime fans of the show will quite readily recognise the teeny little glimpse of the cursed and utterly fucked Twisty the Clown, who makes something of a cameo appearance in the trailer in doll form thanks to Billie Lourde.

Whether or not the clown is set to return to the series in earnest remains to be seen, but it’s blatantly obvious that clowns are gonna play at least some sort of running theme throughout this serious, so if you’ll excuse me I’m off to reinforce the seat of my pants.


The season, which is reportedly Peters’ “heaviest season yet,” also counts Adina PorterCheyenne JacksonFrances ConroyMare WinninghamEmma RobertsChaz BonoAlison PillLena DunhamBilly Eichner, and Colton Haynes among its cast.

If you’re prepared to be well and truly spooked, the 11-episode series premieres in the US on September 5th.