WATCH: Melbourne’s Orlando Vigil Sings ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ As One

Attendees at Melbourne’s candle-lit vigil for those lost in the horrific Orlando shooting burst into a stirring rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow a little earlier this evening. 

Footage from the event at Federation Square has made its way onto social media, showing the crowd – which included Premier Daniel Andrews and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten – singing the emblematic tune as one. 

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Victoria’s Gender and Sexuality Commissioner Rowena Allen acted as speaker for the event; in a statement on the vigil’s Facebook event page, she wrote “senseless tragedies such as this one highlight how important it is for families to not let homophobia, biphobia or transphobia create barriers between them and their loved ones. 

I urge all families in Victoria to reach out to their LGBTI loved ones in light of this tragedy.

We are all hurting at this time. We stand in solidarity with our LGBTI brothers and sisters in Orlando and beyond. We are here for you, and here for each other.”
The event, which gathered hundreds upon hundreds of LGBTI Australians and allies, was just one of many spotted around the nation in the aftermath of the shooting. 
After such a senseless waste of human life, it’s vital to see regular people standing up for each other.  Fortunately, Melbourne got to see – and hear – that tonight. 

Whatever religion, race, sexuality or gender, it’s as simple as this: love wins.

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Source: The Age / Instagram. 
Photo: Anna Whitelaw / Instagram.