By our nature as human beings, we all believe ourselves to be, at heart, fundamentally good. Whatever our actions may be, however we may be perceived by others, we know that we strive each day to be kind, moral people. But sometimes doubt creeps in. In the early hours of the morning, when sleep completely eludes us, we are forced to face our conscience without pretence and ask: would I, honestly and truly, give mouth-to-mouth to a drowned kookaburra to save its life?

While the rest of us will be left to ponder this moral quandary as a hypothetical, some people are forced to make this decision in real life and find out whether or not they are a certified Good Dude. Some people, like Sydney‘s Majid Shahen, have proven themselves, without a doubt, to be a certified Good Dude.

Video of Majid resuscitating a kookaburra who conked out and fell into his pool after hitting a glass window got wildly popular on the internet last week because, duh, what a goddamn hero.

Majid administered CPR to the ailing bird both in the traditional manner (well, traditional insofar as it was CPR, untraditional insofar as it was to a bird) and with an air compressor, eventually reviving him (or her, we’re still unsure).

As you might expect from a bloke who took the effort required to save a bird’s life, Majid is a bloody delight who said he was just acting on instinct when he decided to jump in and help out.

Apparently, he and the bird, George (according to Majid he looks a bit like a George), have since formed a friendship 

“For the last three days, he’s been coming back. He’s been sitting on the tree, in the branches. Sometimes on the antenna, on the top of the house. And actually sings a little bit, not like the kookaburra doing the voice, like a little bit of whistling. For five or ten minutes every day.”

God bless this wonderful man, watch the interview here, as they mercilessly roast him for choosing a perfectly good name for a kookaburra:

Source and photo: Channel Ten.

Photo: Youtube / Oxygnn.