Please Direct Your Beaks Towards This Wholesome TikToker Who Is Visited By Kookaburras Daily

Kookaburra TikTok

Birds. You love them, I love them. What more can be said about them really. Some of us in life are fortunate enough to make constant contact with the adorable birbs of Australia, and one such lucky soul is TikTok user @birdsofoz, who is repeatedly visited by friends of all shapes and colours, but most notably, the kookaburra.

Yes, if you’ve ever wanted to watch a row of kookaburras perched upon a balcony as a flock of other birds fly past and Enya plays, now is your chance. And hey, if you’re a TikTok user, you might just trick your app into putting you on KookaburraTok, which sounds like a place I would love to visit when I retire.

But hey, you didn’t come here to talk, you came here to look at birbs. Now go, feast your eyes on these winged icons.


Welcome to Enya Kookaburra Tok.

♬ Only Time – Enya

A majority of the TikToks made on this channel centre around ‘David’ the kookaburra and his family, who randomly visit this lovely humans balcony from time to time and just look cute.


My heart may have burst.

♬ Porcelain – Moby

Who is David you may ask? Well, David is one of the friendliest kookaburras, who has taken a liking to human attention. Look at him with his 33k likes sitting there all smug. A king!

Also, it has to be said, the music choices on this TikTok channel are just… *chefs kiss*. Time to get me a wooden balcony in the trees it seems.


The bond is strong 💖 David.

♬ just the two of us – favsoundds


It’s official. I’ve fallen for David the kookaburra.

♬ Lovefool – Best Love Songs

David’s family and friends have also received some love on the channel, and they even wear flower hats. I repeat, the kookaburras wear flower hats.

At this point, I am truly just gushing over these birds, do not expect any further words from me apart from undying adoration.


Strike a pose.

♬ Vogue (Edit) – Madonna

And hey, if kookaburras are somehow not your thing, a whole smorgasbord of other winged friends also appear, so really nobody loses out here.


Kisses from watermelon birb 💋#rupert

♬ original sound – Birds of Oz

Go support some Aussie birbs trying to make a living from TikTok. They need your views, and your love.

If you need me I’m going to be designing my future kookaburra haven house that I can build throughout my forties.