WATCH: Erin Molan Fell Off Her Chair On Live TV & It Was Adorable

Once again, you can thank your lucky stars that your job doesn’t involve you having to hold it together in front of cameras beaming your every move in real time to the TV sets of thousands (and if it does: we’re so very sorry). 
The latest wonder to emerge from the hallowed realms of live television is Channel 9 reporter Erin Molan taking an off-screen, but entirely audible, tumble off her chair. While in the middle of reading a segment about the Tour de France. And managing to spill water all over herself. 

Just like the last time we saw an absolutely adorable live news snafu, the people of Australia are 100% on Erin’s side. 

Take that, you dastardly chair. Erin, we think your top looks better like that. Never change. 
Source: 9NEWS.
Image: 9NEWS.