Look, let’s be honest here, this is no ‘Planet Earth 2‘. This was not filmed by the world’s deadliest cameramen using $500 million holographic drone cameras or whatever. It’s not epic footage of a lizard running for its bloody life (which is now my preferred form of audiovisual entertainment).

But it is one thing: it’s footage of a bloody battler koala trying its best to get a dipshit bird to fuck off.

Phil Harrison, the amateur documentarian who captured this magnificent piece of patriotic footage in Mount Murray, NSW, describes it simply as:

“A Koala is trying to sleep in a tree but is being disturbed by a Currawong.”

What an artist. As described, it is indeed a very lethargic, nappish koala being attacked by an extremely persistent currawong, the slightly-less-shitty cousin of the magpie.

Please enjoy while (optionally) adding your own David Attenborough narration:

Source and photo: YouTube.