Make Space In The Freezer, An Adorable Koala-Shaped Paddle Pop Is Hitting Shops This Month

In very sweet news, there’s a brand new Paddle Pop making its debut in freezers across the country this month, and it’s shaped like an adorable little koala. It’s so bloody cute I don’t even know if I want to eat it?

The ice cream legends have teamed up with WIRES Wildlife Rescue for the new chocolate-caramel treat, in efforts to help protect and preserve koala populations across Australia.

paddle pop koala

As per the ABC, a new WWF report found that the devastating bushfire season last summer has seen koala populations drop by over 70% in northern NSW, and so the new partnership between WIRES and Paddle Pop has come in at a crucial time for the native animal.

The brand new, top koal-ity ice creams are the first collab in the two-year partnership, which will see Paddle Pop supporting projects like WIRES koala rehab facilities, lab and research at the Koala Health Hub at University of Sydney, and the Water Drinkers Project which will install a number of 220L water drinks across areas most impacted by fires and the extensive droughts.

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You’ll be able to find the very cute koala Paddle Pops at your local Coles and IGA later this month, so keep your eyes peeled for those cute little snacks crawling into the freezer aisle as the weather warms up.

Now all I want to see is the Paddle Pop lion cuddling a koala. Make it happen, Paddle Pop people.