WATCH: Dashcam Captures Lucky-As-Hell Escape From Wild Truck T-Bone

Completely absurd dashcam footage doesn’t just come out of absurd Eastern European insurance fraud attempts – Australia has its own cottage industry thriving right under our very noses.

This one comes straight outta the Dash Cam Owners Australia page on Facebook, which is sometimes buck-ass wild if you ever find yourself wanting to see some serious traffic infractions on your feed.

Yup, A true brown pants moment. Carlisle river VictoriaThe lady miraculously escaped uninjured although her car was badly damaged.Thanks to Mark

Posted by Dash Cam Owners Australia on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Yowza. For the record, the woman escaped unharmed despite the heavy damage to her car. Still, I’m shocked the truck driver could hold that drift all the way around the corner.
Source: Facebook.
Photo: Facebook.