A chimpanzee from the Yagimaya Zoological Park in northern Japan made a short-lived break for freedom on Thursday afternoon, and nobody’s quite sure how he did it.

Zoo workers noticed yesterday that one of their five chimps was missing, and shut the whole park down as a precaution.

Some two hours later, the missing chimp – a 24-year-old who answers to Chacha (probably) – was spotted running around a nearby residential area, climbing along the electricity lines.

TV footage shows the Chacha becoming agitated and screaming, even after he was shot with a tranquiliser by a zoo worker in a cherry picker.

Chacha lunged at the zoo worker – who may or may not have temporarily lost control of his bowels – but luckily missed, eventually falling to the ground where he was caught by a dozen zoo workers holding a blanket.

Zoo officials say he’s unhurt, just recovering from the sedation.

But they still don’t know how he escaped.

WATCH: Chimp Escapes From Japanese Zoo But Nobody’s Quite Sure How

Watch his short-lived escape here:

Source: ABC.
Photo: AP.