WATCH: Bondi Hipsters Have A Dig At Your M8’s Shitty Crowdfunding Campaign

CROWDFUNDING. Chances are you know someone who’s at least attempted it.

Don’t get it twisted, there’s some dead-set cool shit out there that’s well worth sinking a few dollarydoos into. But by and large, the world of crowdfunding is populated by useless ideas all sitting on about a buck-oh-five of their $10k target.
That doesn’t stop people relentlessly pimping out their GoFundMe/Kickstarter/Patreon etc, and thus the whole shebang has caught the attention of your old mates the Bondi Hipsters, who have well and truly skewered the concept for an upcoming episode of ‘Soul Mates.’
With a brand new crowdfunding platform ‘Kuntfunder,’ it’s a fairly savage look at the banality of putting money into low-quality creative projects, and also a fairly good attempt at dropping the most amount of c-bombs in the shortest amount of time.

Feeling for whoever has to smash that censor’s button at the ABC, just quietly.
Soul Mates‘ airs tonight at 9:30pm on the ABC. You can also watch Season 2 in its entirety right flippin’ now on ABC iView.

Source: Bondi Hipsters/Facebook.