WATCH: Aussie Champ Hands Out Powerade To Road Workers On A Scorcher

Melbourne dude Lennon Schipano wins today’s award for ‘Top ‘Strayan Bloke’, after footage showing him handing out icy bottles of Powerade to construction workers on a scorcher of a day has gone viral.

Posted by a mate to Facebook last Friday and shared more than 18.8K times since, the video shows the Aussie ledge driving past the site with “Powerades for the boys… It must be bloody scorching hot out there.”
His mate facilitates, handing out the goods to a very grateful crowd.
Cue one of the most Aussie exchanges you’ll ever hear: 
Lennon: “There you go boys! There your drinks!”

Dudes: “You serious bro?”

Lennon: “Yeah fuckin’ oath.”

Dudes: Oh fuckin’ cheers mate, what a fuckin’ legend, you’re the man! Thanks brother! What a sick cunt!,” one says, reaching out for a handshake. 
The boys’ thirst was quenched and Lennon walked away feeling like a hero:
“I feel like I’ve just cured disease in the world. I’m on for a Nobel Peace Prize for sure.”

Lennon Schipano what a guy! #scorcher #40degrees #touchonetouchall #randomactsofkindness #powerade

Posted by Jamil Chaban on Thursday, December 17, 2015

A+ job, m8.

Source: Facebook.