Alex Williamson Responds To Backlash By Stating ‘I’ll Decide When I’m Ready To Be Cancelled’

Alex Williamson has broken a brief silence to address the fallout of his vile and derogatory rant aimed at an ex-partner, which has resulted in him being dropped by management and pulled from major comedy festivals.

Last week, Williamson was accused of “abusive, manipulative, and predatory” behaviour by ex-partner, singer and social media personality Peach PRC. In a long post on Twitter, Peach alleged that Williamson had done “absolutely vile things to not only myself but others who I won’t mention,” and that she “didn’t speak up loud enough last time and still carry so much guilt that it lead to someone else being hurt.”

In response to that, Williamson – known to his audience as Shooter Williamson – went on a lengthy rant against Peach and the accusations via Instagram Stories. In a series of video posts, the 32-year-old comedian stated “Peach, do you know what’s ‘predatory behaviour’? When we were having a fuckin’ threesome with your fuckin’ weird mate from the fuckin’ bar and I was having a fuckin’ diarrhea shit on the toilet and you were trying to kick the fuckin’ door in to fuckin’ sit on my dick.”

Williamson also stated “What even is the accusation?… If it’s the predatory thing, it’s false. Also, I was 29 at the time. What’s the problem with trying to find a 19-year-old?” Williamson also addressed another ex-partner during the rant, asserting “girls, you wanted me, girls. I’m a fuckin’, I’m a loveable character. I don’t blame you for throwin’ yourselves [at me],” and “Fuckin’ hell, fuck off you bitches.”

Following that rant, which attracted widespread backlash and condemnation, Alex Williamson’s management team severed ties with the performer. More Talent on Thursday confirmed that “in light of recent unacceptable events, More Talent have terminated our relationship with Alex Williamson.”

On Friday, both the Sydney and Perth Comedy Festivals pulled Williamson from their programs, cancelling several shows that he was slated to perform.

The following day, Williamson broke his silence regarding his own reaction and the subsequent fallout, stating that he was “doing fukn great” and that he would “decide when I’m ready to be cancelled.”

In another Instagram Story post made on Saturday, Williamson offered a half-apology for his comments, asserting that some of his comments were “a slap in the face to those survivors of sexual and physical abuse.”

The full statement reads thusly:

“For those curious, I’m doing fukn great. I’ll decide when I’m ready to be cancelled, and although these vague accusations seem to have many of you keen/qualified jurors convinced, due process will soon see a great number of you regret the vile comments and hate directed my way.”

“I will say this tho, I deeply regret the manner in which I mindlessly dismissed these recent allegations, my frustrations however, stemmed from the little known fact that this was the 2nd attempt in 8 months by old mate to defame me on social media, rather than court of law… (she deleted that post after it didn’t get the traction she wanted) and then bided her time til posting it again. Alas, I do apologise for my display, which was a slap in the face to those survivors of sexual and physical abuse xoxoxo love all of you.”

More as this story, apparently, continues to develop.