WATCH: A Slow-Ass Spiderman Wannabe Is Climbing Trump Tower W/ Suction Cups

We’ve all had bad days, but right now a dude is climbing Trump Tower with suction cups, so really life could be worse.

The bloke – who onlookers reckon is in his 20s – is believed to have started climbing the Fifth Avenue tower from a fifth-floor terrace around 4pm.

He reportedly had a notebook with him that he was showing to people inside the building… but he dropped it.

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can even watch him climb the thing live. Do you know how long it takes to climb a building with suction cups? Neither do we, but a long ass time. Whole thing is kinda dull.


[Quick note: whoever was responsible for playing the hectic dramatic music before, couldja put in on again? Ta.]

Apparently he’s already on the 19th story; Trump Tower has 58.

Police have set up a giant air cushion in case he falls…

…and the internet has made jokes. The world makes sense again.

We’ll update you if / when something interesting happens. It might be a while.

Photo: Screenshot.