Someone Wearing A TV As A Helmet Was Filmed Leaving Over 50 Old TVs At Homes In Virginia

TV deposited on front porch.

Old CRT TVs mysteriously turning up on the front steps of a bunch of houses one morning in one neighbourhood in a town in the US state of Virginia? Pretty strange. Hard to imagine anything much stranger than that, even. Except, maybe, if this was not the first time that this exact thing had happened.

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Back in August last year, local news station WTVR 6 reported that local residents had awoken to find “dozens” of big, boxy old TVs had been delivered around a neighbourhood in Glen Allen, Virginia. This weekend — just shy of a year later — over 50 TVs were reportedly dropped off again on porches in a different Glen Allen neighbourhood, but with one crucial difference: this time the culprit was caught on camera.

Yes, looking shockingly like something from a Spike Jonze-directed music video, that is someone wearing an old school TV on their head.

Thanks to the fact that it is 2019 and apparently people have smart doorbells with cameras in them, the culprits were caught on video multiple times — although, if anything, the footage just makes this even more mysterious.

The TVs appeared on Sunday morning, with residents telling WTVR 6 they believed it was a prank, tentatively describing it as “sort of funny” and “funny in some ways”.

Lieutenant Matt Pecka of the county police told WTVR 6 that multiple TV-headed TV-deliverers were caught on camera and that police were seeking information about what had happened.

Working with local waste management staff, the over 50 TVs were removed from the homes with Pecka telling WTVR 6 that “Nobody should have to now go to the dump, pay the $3” as a result of the prank.

Will we ever know what happened here? I honestly hope not.

You can watch footage of the TVs being creepily deposited by these strange pranksters below: