The Victorian Government has released an absolutely scathing statement directed at Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his government for the recently announced NSW COVID relief payments.

The disaster relief payments that were announced today for NSW workers and businesses will be available to any state or territory that has to go into an extended lockdown from here onwards. But that didn’t stopped the Victorian Government from losing their shit, and honestly, I don’t blame them.

“Everyone in Australia believes that people in Sydney and NSW deserve every possible support as they battle a second wave and a long lockdown,” a government spokesperson said in the statement to 9News.

“But Victorians are rightly sick and tired of having to beg for every scrap of support from the Federal Government.”


“It shouldn’t take a crisis in Sydney for the Prime Minister to take action but we are seeing the same double standard time and time again. His job is not to be the Prime Minister for NSW,” the statement continued.

“We had to shame the Federal Government into doing their job and providing income support for Victorian workers when we battled the Delta strain earlier this year. Their position at the time was a disgrace.

“If they had bothered to think about this at the time and work with Victoria, they’d already have had a practical framework in place when NSW went into lockdown and more people would have got the support they need earlier.”

Look… they’re not wrong. Victoria has been in the most lockdowns out of any state or territory in Australia, and while Sydney’s cases are horrible right now, we have never been placed into stage 4 restrictions like Melbourne has. Although, it’s possible that’ll change pretty soon.

A Federal Government spokesperson said Victoria would receive the same treatment that NSW is receiving now, had their lockdown been extended.

“Victoria received the same support for its two week ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown as NSW has for its first two weeks of lockdown,” the Federal Government’s statement read.

It seems Victorians argue that these support packages wouldn’t have come into place if it was them under lockdown, and unfortunately, there’s not a lot of evidence that says otherwise.