A Vic Cop Who Worked In Sexual Offence Investigations For Years Pleaded Guilty To Sexual Assault

A Victoria Police officer whose literal job was to be in charge of the state’s largest sex-offender registry and investigate sex crimes has pleaded guilty in court to sexually assaulting another officer at the police station while working. Jesus fucking Christ.

Former detective sergeant Larry Noel Grimshaw, 63, was the officer in charge of Dandenong’s Sexual Offences and Child Investigation Team (SOCIT). He worked there for more than a decade, had served as a police officer for 43 years, and was overseeing the sex-offender registry when he assaulted the woman, who he was the superior of.

Grimshaw plead guilty in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court to grabbing the woman and touching her buttocks as she bent over at a filing cabinet in 2018.

According to The Age, the court heard Grimshaw was originally also charged with sexually assaulting another woman. Court documents seen by The Age reportedly show that, aside from the current charge, Grimshaw was accused of indecently assaulting a woman at Glen Waverley in 2011 and then of another sexual assault at Dandenong in 2020.

However, the 2011 and 2020 charges were withdrawn when he agreed to enter a guilty plea to the 2018 charge, so the witnesses wouldn’t have to give evidence and relive the whole thing in court.

Grimshaw’s lawyer Barnaby Johnson argued that his assault was “fleeting” and “opportunistic”, not planned or predatory, as if that somehow makes it better.

“This was totally out of character for someone who has lived a blameless life,” Johnson said. FFS.

Magistrate Carolyn Burnside called Grimshaw’s act “reprehensibly arrogant” and pointed out what we are all thinking: how TF does someone who investigates cases of sexual assault for a living then go on to commit similar acts?

“You saw fit … to abuse your power and disregarded the consequences,” Burnside said, per The Age.

“One wonders what the culture was like when you, as a superior member of SOCIT, thought that was fair enough.

“This in my view makes your decision to grab her buttocks in this brazen way all the more reprehensible and perverse.”

Burnside also questioned why TF Victoria police took so long to charge Grimshaw — it took cops more than a year to charge him after the woman’s complaint.

Despite her scathing statements though, Burnside said Grimshaw’s decision to retire was “sensible” and she didn’t actually convict him — meaning he won’t be registered as a sex offender (on the very list he managed), and all he’s been sentenced with is a 12-month good behaviour bond and an order to donate $5000 to a women’s charity.

See guys? Just pay $5000 and you too can get away with a literal crime!

And then we wonder why people don’t report being being sexually assaulted to police.

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