Victoria’s first phase out of lockdown has been moved forward after the state is set to hits its 70 percent double dose vaccination target nearly a week earlier than planned.

From 11:59pm on Thursday, 21st of October, the Victorian government will ease a number of restrictions for fully vaccinated legends outlined in the Roadmap.

If you’re fully vaccinated by then, the following will apply to you:

  • You can have up to ten people per day visit your home in both regional and metropolitan Melbourne.
  • Outdoor venues like outdoor cafes, cinemas, and physical recreation facilities like pools will be able to reopen with up to 50 people per venue.
  • Indoor restaurants and cafes will be able to reopen to 20 people indoors and only if all attendees – including staff – are fully vaccinated.

However, masks will still be required for both indoors and outdoors across all of Victoria.

In regional Victoria, the following will take effect:

  • Indoor settings will increase from 10 to 30 people per venue, provided everyone is fully-vaxxed.
  • Outdoor venues will be able to have up to 100 people per venue. If the vaccination status is unknown (it’s unclear whether this means the venue or a customer) then the venue can only have 20 people.

“Victorians have sacrificed so much to protect their families, friends and the whole community from coronavirus – and have saved countless lives because of it,” Victorian Premier Dan Andrews said in a statement.

“The milestone we’re about to hit marks a new and hopeful path for the whole state – allowing businesses to reopen and Victorians to get back to things they love.”

The state’s Health Minister Martin Foley added: “The rate at which Victorians have been getting vaccinated is nothing short of incredible, but if we want to ensure our health system isn’t overwhelmed and our hospitalisation rates aren’t too high as we open up, we need to keep that momentum going. Today is the day to book that vaccine appointment.”

More restrictions will ease when Victoria reaches its next vaccination target of 80 percent double-dosed. For now, congrats Victoria, you’re on your way outta the longest lockdown in the entire world.

Stay tuned for more info.