Small Outdoor Gathos Are Back On For Victoria As The State Hits Its 70% First Dose Target

picnics victoria eased restrictions planned

Great news, Melbourne gang, it’s looking like small social outdoor gatherings like picnics are back on the cards as Victoria has now hit its 70 per cent first dose vax target.

The Age reported on Thursday morning that the Victorian Government has decided to mark the vaccination milestone by bringing forward the eased restrictions planned as part of Sunday’s big roadmap announcement, with Premier Dan Andrews apparently set to reveal the details in today’s daily press conference.

The good news comes as the state recorded 512 new COVID cases – the highest number in this latest outbreak.

News of small outdoor gatherings like picnics joins the 70% vax target promises that Andrews made two weeks ago, which includes the 5km radius being pushed out to 10km, outdoor gyms and skate parks reopening for use, and Victorians allowed to exercise for three hours instead of two.

The Government sources who spoke to The Age also said it’s likely the potential eased restrictions on outdoor gatherings like picnics will only be permitted to those in Victoria who have had at least one dose of a COVID vaccine, but it’s unconfirmed how that will be enforced.

If anything, now’s a bloody good time to chuck your Medicare vaccination card on your phone so you’re ready to go when the time comes.

Dan Andrews’ press conference is on at 12.30pm, so we’ll keep you updated as soon as the eased restrictions are confirmed.