YOU FKN BEAUTY: Victoria Has Eliminated COVID From The Community After 28 Days Of No New Cases

Well bloody hell, look at that mates! Victoria has officially recorded its 28th straight day of no new COVID cases, which means the state has achieved the “official” benchmark for completely eradicating the virus in the community.

The blessed Victoria DHHS released the data on Twitter earlier this morning, confirming that the state has now gone two full life-cycles of the virus without a new case being diagnosed.

Though this represents the benchmark for “COVID normal” restrictions in Victoria previously set out by the Andrews Government in their – at the time ambitious – roadmap in September, shifting conditions and needs have demanded a cautious approach to moving the state from stage-to-stage, with a two-week gap separating stages. The new “COVID safe summer” conditions are expected to kick in from December 13. At that point, Victorians will be permitted up to 30 guests in their homes. Further restrictions on hospitality capacity will also be eased from that point.

With numbers solidly at zero, Victoria will look to re-start hotel quarantine operations for returned overseas travellers, with a revamped system (hopefully) addressing the failures of the initial program that lead to the state’s devastating second wave.

But hell yeah! 28 days! That’s nearly a full calendar month!! Look at Victoria being on the second line of the COVIDLive tracking graphs!!!

You could not possibly love to see it any more!

And there is simply no better way to celebrate this 28-day achievement than by absolutely blasting 28 Days megabanger Rip It Up.

It’s a beautiful day in Melbourne. The sun is shining. The borders are opening. And we collectively beat the absolute living piss out of a global pandemic.

Play it loud, mates. You’ve earned it.

Hell yeah, friends. Hell. Yeah.