Spice Girls alumni Victoria Beckham is out for blood after a Sydney skincare brand’s attempt to trademark phrases that include the letters ‘VB’.

VB Skinlab sought to trademark ‘VB Salon’ and ‘VB Skinlab’, while Becks argued that those two iconic letters, which she uses for her own fashion and luxury cosmetics lines around the globe, would swindle users into believing that she, herself, endorses VB Skinlab’s products. She also argued VB Skinlab purposefully used a brunette model in its campaign that bore a striking resemblance to herself.

Last month, IP Australia reached a verdict that VB Skinlab was not at fault, with the official verdict document stating that they were “not satisfied that any confusion between the Trade Marks and the VB would arise due to the reputation of the VB Mark.” They also poo-poo’d the brunette model claims.

“While noting the significant fame of the Opponent,” the document concluded, Beckham had “acquired at best a very limited reputation in Australia for cosmetic products.”


Beckham has appealed this decision, and the matter will be taken to the Federal Circuit Court next week.

Image: Getty Images / David M. Benett / Contributor