VIC Police Cancel 600 Speeding Fines After Ransomware Virus Borks Cameras

Remember that WannaCry ransomware virus that had every PC-user shitting bricks back in May?
Welp, if you copped a ticket from a massive 55 Melbourne speed and red light cameras in the first half of June, you owe that virus a 6-pack, ‘cos the cops are wiping your fine. 
According to Victoria Police Acting Deputy Commissioner Ross Guenther, the virus affected the Victorian cameras between June 6 and June 22. 
They issued 590 speeding and red light fines in that period, and they’re all getting waived – even though Guenther reckons the cameras weren’t actually thrown off by the malware. 

“I cancelled the fines because I think it’s important the public has 100 per cent confidence in the system. 

“My advice is during the period the cameras were operating correctly and were not impacted by the virus. I’m confident in the advice I’ve been given that the fines would stand.”
WannaCry locked down computer systems worldwide as a means to extort money (in the form of BitCoin, natch) from their owners. Guenther has said that no ransom demands had been made for the speed cameras, which is good, I guess? 

Even better is that a bunch of Melbourne drivers essentially had a bye on this one. Read the full list of affected cameras here, and keep your eye on the post if you got nabbed – you should receive a letter cancelling the fine any day now. 

Source: The Age
Image: The Simpsons.