VIC Police Suspend *All* Speeding Fines After Camera Malware Problems Spread

Remember that little slice of good news last week re: speeding fines in Melbourne? If you missed it, the notorious WannaCry ransomware virus supposedly got into a bunch of speeding and red light cameras around the city, which means VIC Police decided to put all the fines from the affected cameras in the bin. 
Well here’s some even gooderer news: seeing as they can’t definitively prove that the malware didn’t spread to all of Victoria‘s road safety cameras, they’re suspending every single fine since June 6. 
That’s about 8,000 tickets that speed-fiends and red light-ignorers won’t have to pay – at least until the authorities have done a thorough review.

Assistant commissioner Doug Fryer says that the suspension of fines doesn’t mean that they won’t be reissued, and that the suspension is due to “an abundance of caution“. Still!
They’ve blamed the whole kerfuffle on a maintenance worker who apparently connected a USB stick infected with the malware to the camera system, causing infected cameras to get stuck in reboot mode.
There’s still no evidence that they were taking inaccurate readings, but for anyone who’s seen the dreaded flash in the last few weeks – you just got a last-minute extension. Now take your foot off the pedal, speed racer. 

Source: IT News
Image: Bridesmaids.