US Bloke Whips Out Actual Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card While Being Arrested

If you’re gonna get arrested at some point, the least you can do is plan a truly incredible roast for the cop who is doing it. (NB: this is not legal advice, and you should not do this.)

A bloke in the United States who was being arrested for an outstanding warrant invited his arresting officer to reach into his front pocket, where he had a Monopoly get-out-of-jail-free card. 
Speaking to CBS News, Deputy Mike Vai of the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office said he initially thought the man was either pointing out a controlled substance in his pocket, or maybe a “dirty Kleenex”.
“It was probably one of the things I will remember most throughout my whole career,” he said. “I had a good laugh about the whole thing. I feel like it’s something I would try to do.”

The car was pulled over due to it being registered to someone with a warrant. That suspect wasn’t in the vehicle, but the man in the back had an outstanding fifth-degree controlled substance warrant.
“Yeah,” the suspect reportedly said after being asked to identify the card. “I’ve been carrying it on me ever since I found out there was a warrant — just in case.”
“I wish,” Vai apparently replied. “I told him, like, ‘God, I want to let you go so bad.’”
Unfortunately he did get arrested, because there is no justice in the world – despite the fact this should get you off for all crimes except maybe murder. Okay, maybe some others too. Whatever. I’m not a lawyer.
Vai said he let the guy keep the card, though. “I said, ‘Who knows? God forbid you might find a cooler cop.”

Source: CBS News.
Photo: Facebook.