Cairns Bloke Charged After Allegedly Stashing Meth In A V. Obvious Tree

People have been known to keep their illicit substances in some weird places (by that, we mean their butts. The weird place is usually their butts).

But a Cairns bloke may have entered the annals (heh) of unusual stashing with a curiously ecological choice, having been arrested for allegedly keeping his meth in a tree on the veeery public Cairns Esplanade.

Cairns City Safe cameras spotted the man acting suspiciously near a giant Moreton Bay Fig at around 7am on Thursday morning. Cops were on the scene quickly, because the tree was literally metres from the Cairns City Police Beat
The criminal mastermind was located outside Macca’s nearby. After being queried by the cops, he led police to the tree, where they allegedly discovered a number of ziploc baggies of methamphetamine.

They promptly took the bloke off to jail. Again. 

Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Sean O’Shea told the court that this was the second time in six hours that 34-year-old had been caught allegedly possessing drugs, breaching the conditions of his bail on both occasions. 
His sentencing will be decided later this month. 
Source: Cairns Post.
Image: New Line Cinema.