You’ve Heard Of Cat Attorney, Now Meet Upside-Down Congressman

Upside-down congressman filter

It is my honour, my most distinct pleasure, to be granted the opportunity to write about the latest occurrence in Zoom meeting fails, after only just writing up the last one this week. Yes, you’ve heard of attorney cat, but now prepare yourself for upside-down congressman.

There must be something in the water over in America, because this is the second time this week that a professional adult has made a fool of themselves over Zoom.

However, this time it wasn’t a legal representative in a court case, it was a Republican congressman during a House Of Representatives hearing. Honestly, I feel like this may be worse, but hey, I’m not surprised that a Republican is upside-down.

Introducing Tom Emmer, US Republican congressman, who appeared in his hearing upside-down. In fact, he was giving an entire spiel, until chairwoman Maxine Waters, (who you may remember from the iconic ‘reclaiming my time’ video), stopped him.

“Will the gentleman suspend?” Maxine asks.

“I’m sorry… Mr Emmer? Are you OK?”

Someone off-screen then references the recent cat attorney, followed by an unidentified voice jumping in to tell Emmer what is wrong.

“You’re upside-down, Tom.”

I am honestly losing it over that line.

“I appreciate your patience, Madam Chair,” Emmer replies.

“I don’t know what happened, it just came out this way. I turned it off and I turned it back on.”

Check out the hilarious vid right here.

The best part is that after the video went viral, Tom Emmer, much like Rod Ponton (cat attorney) had a sense of humour about the entire thing. In fact, he even quoted the damn guy.

“I am not a cat,” he wrote on Twitter.

Now look, I know that attorney cat and upside-down congressman are both kinda bad people, one having an extremely problematic past, and the other, well, being a member of the Republican party.

But hey, for a few moments, let us just enjoy these old white men being useless at technology.