That Big Fake Uluru On The Pacific Highway Is Currently Very On Fire

This’ll probably be a bit of a kick in the guts to your childhood if it involved big drives up or down the east coast, but the big fake Uluru at the Great Aussie Bush Camp has caught on fire. I imagine a fair number of Aussie kids would have solid recollections of pulling over to get fuel and snacks at the shop in the shadow of this very faded icon.

Footage posted to Facebook by Century 21 Coastal Properties (I cannot explain why this is the case) shows a huge blaze next to what appears to be the structure of the petrol station:

According to the NSW Rural Fire Service, 18 firetrucks are at the site fighting the blaze as of 8:30pm, with no injuries yet reported.

The replica rock was built as part of the Leyland Brothers World theme park, opened in 1990.