A UK Mum’s iPhone Snap Of The Royals Wound Up On England’s Front Pages

Most professional celebrity photographers can go years – if not their entire careers – without getting a snap this good. And yet not only was this snap of the new Royal Family lineup taken by a rank amateur – a standard British Mum – it was snapped on a fairly bog standard iPhone to boot.

We all know the iPhone camera has been getting progressively better with each new version Apple churns out, but all it took was an iPhone 5SE, a little luck, a poorly placed press pit, and a little Christmas cheer for Karen Anvil to snap this fairly perfect shot of Prince WilliamKate MiddletonMeghan Markle, and Prince Harry, all perfectly lined up and all smiling sweetly.


Brilliant pic. So good, in fact, that the major British newspapers all fell over themselves to put the photo – the first time all four of the new gen of royals were snapped together – on their front pages.

Fair effort that, and one that’s reportedly netted the single Mum a pretty hefty, and needed, pay day.


Technically this makes her the JK Rowling of celebrity photography. Just, y’know, without the litany of accompanying crimes.

Still, it’s not every day you step your iPhone photography game up from gram-worthy to “picture of national significance.”

No filter necessary.