UK Bloke ‘Distressed’ After Receiving Two Packs Of Weetabix Instead Of A Laptop From Amazon

A UK man has been left gooped and gagged after he copped a box of dry AF oats instead of the laptop he ordered from Amazon, and if I were him, I would be fuming.

Imagine, one day, you decide to use your hard-earned money to give yourself a little treat. You make the commitment, put down a wad of cash and wait for the goods to arrive. But instead of receiving that oh-so-good gift you’ve been dying for, you instead get a box of bland crap that you wouldn’t even feed to ya dog. Unfortunately for UK man Adam Yearsley, this is his reality.

According to Manchester Evening News, the 40-year-old was left “distressed” after he discovered his £500 (AU$953) Amazon package was two bulky-ass packs of Weetabix instead of the HP laptop he ordered.

He told the publication: “I use Amazon all the time. I’ve never had an issue before.

“When I opened the parcel it was two packets of Weetabix, a 24-pack and a 12-pack, sellotaped together in the shape of a laptop.”

I don’t mean to sound like a whingy binch, but Weetabix? Hands would be thrown if I were this bloke!!! I truly have a bone to pick with this brekky staple.

To give ya the TL;DR: I basically choked on the oats after I bit into the dry, powdery bar when I was five. Of course, we call them Weet-Bix in ‘Straya, and he received Weetabix. But honestly, both of them sound like they would make me shit-some-bricks.

Yearsley told Manchester Evening News the suss package appeared to have been “tampered with” before he fully got his mitts on it. He also reported the incident to the police.

“I’ve been quite distressed over it,” Yearsley said.

“I don’t know how it’s happened.

“I was very baffled. I thought maybe my partner had ordered the Weetabix, but I had to give a code to the delivery driver because it was an expensive parcel.”

Thankfully, according to Manchester Evening News, an Amazon spokesperson claimed that Yearsley’s debacle had been fixed.

“This has been resolved. We’ve contacted the customer directly, apologised and refunded in full,” the spokesperson said.

Yearsley hasn’t provided an update on his end, but it’s nice to know that he got a refund. Kudos to Amazon for resolving the issue quickly, because paying almost $1k for two boxes of dirt dry oats?

I would’ve gone feral.