There’s literally nothing quite like the feeling of the 348756 million year wait for your ATAR and VCE results. It takes motherfkn forever, and time stands still and when you look down you realise that that family-size packet of chips is empty and you’ve eaten everything in the pantry and you’re still not full because you’re so damn stressed

However, for some uni students, the wait wasn’t quite as long. There was a glitch with the VTAC‘s text message service, which meant that plenty of students could access their VCE results. 

This is five whole days before they’re actually suppose to come out, so there’s a bloody good chance that those mistakenly-sent results are actually incorrect. 

UH OH: Yr 12 Students Were Sent ATAR Early After Text Msg Service Glitch

Social media started absolutely exploding:

One parent (who wished to remain anonymous) told the Herald Sun that when they heard about the glitch via Facebook, they wanted to verify it was real, and texted the VTAC service  – it promptly responded with their child’s scores. 

News Corp also spoke to Year 12 student Adam Scullin from MacKillop College in Werribee, who received his ATAR early and called the situation “chaotic”:

“There’s a lot of apprehension over the whole thing; the first question we’re all asking is whether it’s real.

Everyone who has got their results, they’ve looked at them, and I haven’t seen anyone say their score was uncharacteristic of how they went throughout the year.

If the system had gone wacky and my score ends up being a lot lower than what I first was told, my first response is that I’d be very upset, and pretty gutted, but that would quickly turn to anger.

You’d start to point fingers and say this was really cruel; there’s lots of people who thought they’d done well, so there’d be sadness and disappointment, followed by pretty serious anger.”

Education editor for The Age, Henrietta Cook, pointed out that only 6 weeks ago, VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre and Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority) claimed they would be “cracking down” on schools that leaked ATAR results early, and sent warnings to principals:

VTAC have now confirmed that the messages were real, and have already issued a statement about the error, apologising to students for causing “confusion, anxiety or upset”:

We’ll update this story as more information arises. 

Source: News Corp

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