Uber Is Now Offering Free Motorcades In Honour Of The G20 Summit

In an apparent homage to the sudden influx of humourless beefcakes with Ray Bans on at the G20 summit, luxe person transportation service Uber is today offering Brisbane people with places to go and people to meet, an inflated sense of self-importance or an irrational fear of snipers the chance to go from A to B like they’re The Pope, Beyonce or Vladimir Putin. 

From now until 4pm today, Uber will be providing Brisbane passengers with an on-demand motorcade service – Ubercades – entailing supreme boss vibes, a sleek sedan flanked by two SUVs, and your very own security detail. Best of all, it’s free. 
Here’s how it works: 
1) On Thursday 13th November from 10am – 4pm, open your Uber app and select the “Ubercade” view 
2. Check the ETA and hit “REQUEST Ubercade” 
3. Share your ride using the hashtag #Ubercade 
*The Ubercade is designed to let you Ride Like a President, not rush to an important meeting. If you need to travel from A to B, please book uberX. 
**Ubercade rides will be in high demand with limited availability. 
***Ubercade will avoid Brisbane Metro including all G20 exclusion zones and high traffic areas.
Time to hit the road y’all…