You Guys, Uber Will Deliver You Adorable Kittens Today

Whatever you had planned for lunch today, cancel it. Immediately. Call up whoever, send them an email, get your people to get in touch with their people, whatever. Just tell them to scram. This is far more important.

Uber, ride-sharing app and rapidly growing taxi alternative, will be offering a one-time only KITTEN DELIVERY SERVICE today from midday until 4pm.
I’m not even joking. You can open the app up, select the kitten option, and someone in a car will bring you a bundle of adorableness to play. This is the goddamned future, and we are living in it. Drink it in, kids. Drink. It. In.
The whole shebang works much like other promotions Uber have run involving ice cream and helicopters and whatnot. Today only there’s gonna be a Kittens option alongside regular services like uberX and uberBlack, and if you’re lucky enough to score one, a basket of kittens will be brought to you for 15 minutes of fun.
Uber’s pairing up with animal shelters from around the country too, so the dollars you spend on your purrfect lunch (sorry) will all be going to a good cause.

The service will be benefitting the Animal Welfare League Queensland for donations gathered in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the Lort Smith Adoption Centre for Geelong and Melbourne, Cat Haven for Perth, and the Cat Protection Society for Sydney.
Again, it’s only running from MIDDAY until FOUR PM TODAY.
Get patting!