Tyrion & Cersei Lannister’s Adorable Sesame Street Cameos Are The Best Things You’ll See All Day

While combining the R-Rated, raunchy, sanguinary and straight up depressing world of Westeros with the legendary haven of teaching kids how to count may not be the most logical of pairings, when Game Of Thrones meets Sesame Street, stars align.

Peter Dinklage stars alongside delightful muppets in a video just released by Sesame Street, agreeing that Simon, of ‘Simon Says’, is pretty much a bossy dick and why should we listen to his demands all the time anyway? Breaking out his singing voice (Peter, pls. is there anything you can’t do?) Dinklage leads his muppet pals in to a song that will no doubt be the best thing you listen to all day.
Next up, Sesame Street also welcomeds the prowling, conniving Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) who teaches us all about the word “relax”. Which, to be honest is just a BIT rich coming from someone who often transforms Game Of Thrones fans into weeping, hysterical, opposite-of-relaxed messes from the evil-doing she sprinkles about Westeros. However, in what may or may not be the first time ever, we actually see Headey SMILE. This is unnatural.
Watch Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey in Sesame Street sneak peeks below, bless: