Friends, the meme economy has never been more volatile, so it’s important to invest in stocks when they’re white hot. The past week has proven exactly why, as Twitter analysts watched the value of newcomer Blinking White Guy fucking soar.

In case you’ve been, uh, living your life, you may have missed the GIF meme template’s origins. Ripped from a video featuring GiantBomb producer Drew Scanlon, the split-second clip comprises a tightly-cropped split-second of his bemused face:



While it’s pretty vanilla in context, it’s a veritable meme bonanza on its own. Keen-eyed Twitter denizens have used that ever-so-sassy expression to provide some ~spice~ to any number of concepts:

Of course, every meme’s value has a peak, and we’re just reaching it. At least, that’s what we can infer, based on these meta-memes spawned from Scanlon’s perturbed mug:

At this point, all that’s left is for Lush to throw it on a Melbourne wall. In fact, we’d be so unsurprised, we might even be inclined to hijack this meme once more.

Source and photo: Twitter.