In the 1999 hit ‘The Animal Song‘, Savage Garden posed the following philosophical question: “Animals and children tell the truth / they never lie / Which one is more human? / There’s a thought / now you decide“. A quick think would seem to indicate that the answer is, obviously, children. You can tell children are more human because they have opposable thumbs and wear pants and watch cartoons and can figure out how to operate the microwave.

You can draw a long bow about the moral similarities between animals and humans, but you can’t deny that there are a lot of things that humans do that animals don’t; things like running out of stuff to watch on Netflix and going shopping for shoes and eating pizza and smoking darts.

Some animals, however, transcend these barriers.  

Sometimes some maverick creature in the animal kingdom will crave a dart and this time that animal is apparently a very dishevelled looking hare at Dublin Airport.

This extremely bedraggled urban woodland creature trying to simultaneously scarper and huff down a filth snag has captured the hearts and imaginations of the internet, as it well should have. What a laugh, right?

Well don’t get too excited, get ready to read this one very curt and deeply bleak tweet from Dublin Airport: 

Yep, it turns out that cheery bunny wasn’t trying to harmlessly enjoy a cigarette, he’s actually dealing with some extremely fucked up orthodontic problems.

I think we all learned a valuable lesson here today: don’t look into anything because it invariably sucks.

Source: Mashable.

Photo: Twitter / @ach0.