Let The People Saving Animals In California Restore Yr Faith In Humanity

When there’s a huge natural disaster like a wildfire or a bushfire, it’s pretty standard to think about the devastation that affects our own kind; houses and businesses lost, missing persons, and material possessions destroyed. It’s heartbreaking on every front, every perspective. In California, not only has it affected the human residents, but it’s also affected the animals too.

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The California fires are now recognised as the most destructive fires in the state’s history, with over 200 people still missing, and over 20 confirmed dead. There are also over 1500 animals that have bombarded shelters across the region, as well as others that had to be left behind while the fires blazed, and countless wildlife seeking shelter and water from local residents.

Social media has been buzzing with people sharing lost and found animals, calling out for donations to local shelters and animal welfare groups, and generally just spreading information about how to best care for animals that have been affected by the fires.

So it’s pretty much wrecked me just reading through everything that people are doing for pets and animals, as well as the local wildlife so please, enjoy the fact that people can be decent human beings to animals in the face of adversity.

Turns out a bunch of people have horses in the Paradise township of Butte County, and a lot of them are being left behind in the scramble to get away from the fires. Some have their owners phone numbers markered into their coat, so they’re able to be reunited when the worst of the fire has passed.

Oh, my heart. What a smart horse.

Heaps of smaller animals have been found my authorities fighting the fires and journalists on the ground reporting. With singed fur and burnt paws, these wee angels are slowly but surely being nursed back to health.


One family has reported that they have taken in 15 dogs, three goats, two cats and a donkey, turning his Paradise home into a full-blown menagerie. Dan Sauvageau spoke with the local NBC about all the animals he opened his home to over the disaster.

Twitter account has also been set up in efforts to reconnect animals with their humans again and to call out for animals shelters and emergency evacuation refuges that need supplies. Prepare your heart for this one, it’s a god damned kick in the guts.

Dozens of shelters and initiatives are currently taking donations to help maintain the amount of animals being saved that need emergency care and attention, so if you’re feeling helpless about the California fires, there’s always that option.