An Animal Ethics Org Wants To Ban The Breeding Of ‘Flat Faced’ Pets Like Bulldogs In Australia

bulldog breeding ban

An animal ethics organisation is calling for the complete ban of flat-faced animals like bulldogs and Persian cats. Even though we may find these particular breeds cute and endearing, their entire existence is basically suffering.

The veterinary institute for animal ethics, Sentient, is attempting to alter laws in NSW surrounding the breeding of flat-faced pets. Basically, a total ban on the breeding of bulldogs would be their dream scenario.

“Breeding flat-faced dogs and cats is responsible for animal suffering that is entirely preventable and should be banned in animal welfare legislation,” said Sentient President Rosemary Elliot during a parliamentary hearing on Thursday.

“These animals suffer gross physical deformities that make everyday life unbearably stressful.”

Listening in were members of a committee looking at pet breeding and animal welfare rules in NSW.

Nationals MP Wes Fang was one individual in attendance who questioned the ethics around a total ban on flat-faced animal breeding.

“In human terms, obviously we have children who are born, who have a number of ailments, whether it be things like ADHD, or even autism,” he said.

“They have a right to live and a right to exist and can make a wonderful contribution to people’s lives.”

Did he just… compare a bulldog to a child with autism? Nationals shut the fuck up immediately challenge.

In response to this, Elliot posed that we shouldn’t intentionally bring a human into this world if it was going to “suffer to the extent that these animals suffer.”

“Most notably, because of their popularity: bulldogs and Persian cats. These animals, their basic existence is one of suffering,” she said.

‘“They cannot breathe properly, they cannot sleep properly, they cannot walk properly.

“We absolutely agree with you, and as the mother of a neurodiverse child myself, we think that everybody has a right to life.

“But we also don’t think we should intentionally bring life into the world that is going to suffer.”

The inquiry has been going on since November and also looks into potential limitations on pets bred by a single person or business and the ethics of puppy farms.

Maybe don’t show this article to your bulldog or Persian cat. They’re already suffering enough. (For all intents and purposes this is a joke, do not send the Paw Patrol after me.)