Tupac’s Estate Teases ‘Special Announcement’; Bitterly Disappoints Everyone

Last night, our Editorial team sent screenshots to one another of Tupac Shakur‘s official Twitter account (run by his estate), which had posted a very interesting tweet touting a ‘special announcement’. We were all mystified and excited. 

Scattered whispers online ranged from ‘it’ll be a posthumous album’, to ‘it’ll probably be his own biopic’, to ‘they’re finally going to admit he’s alive and living on a private tropical island with Elvis and Princess Diana‘. The image attached to the tweet read ‘Expect Me…’, and we did. We expected him. The return of the king. 
Then, (7 hours later than was initially advertised), the announcement came. Everyone saw. Everyone stared. Then, everyone got reeeeeeeal pissy
It wasn’t new music, or a biopic, or the long-awaited confirmation of a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory around the rapper’s death. It was this:

‘GODDAMIT TUPAC, WHAT THE FUCK. IS THAT IT?!’ we cried in disappointment and frustration. And the rest of the people waiting for the online announcement seem to be just as mortified and angry as we were:

We trusted you, Tupac. WE TRUSTED YOU.