Trump’s Reportedly Prepped To Hand A Top White House Gig To His Son-In-Law

Donald Trump becomes president in less than two weeks, and we’re still getting the slow drip of info as to who will be taking up key roles in his administration. It appears, by all accounts, to be an elaborate system of patronage based on who has been suitably deferential to Donald in the past.

The latest addition? Insiders say that Trump’s about to give a job to his own son-in-law, Jared Kushner. He would be senior advisor to the president, in a move that many already say will probably run up against federal anti-nepotism law.
Kushner is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka, and he played a pivotal role in the campaign last year. He was kind of a gatekeeper and advisor, and was known as one of the guys who helped keep Trump on message instead of, you know, tweeting obscenities at a cereal brand or something.
The anti-nepotism law that might present problems for Trump and Kushner was introduced in 1967 after JFK gave the role of attorney general to his own brother Robert. It explicitly forbids public officials from hiring family members – including sons-in-laws – in agencies they oversee.
It’s not just the insiders saying this will happen. Kushner’s lawyer said over the weekend that he’s preparing to resign from his position at the family business and divert a bunch of his assets if he is given a role in the Trump administration.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald.
Photo: Getty Images /  Jeff Kravitz.