Trump Will Still Bank A ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Salary While He’s POTUS

Outlining Donald Trump‘s persisting, tentacle-like intrusions into the business world is going to feel a bit like an avalanche of content over the next four (or eight!) years, but humble battlers need to keep on doing so.

According to Variety, Trump is going to remain an executive producer of Celebrity Apprentice, staying in the show’s credits and pulling in a salary which is reported to be in the low five figures. The new season of the show will be hoested by Arnold Schwarzenegger, which is kinda funny because Arnie said he wasn’t going to vote for Donald.
Now Donald’s his boss in two ways. 
Trump’s actual role on the show is still unknown – it seems unlikely he’ll have a big one. 
Rumours abound that he’s working with Apprentice producer Mark Burnett, on his inauguration ceremony, with Burnett reportedly agitating for a big reality TV style celebration involving a massive New York parade followed by a helicopter ride to Washington D.C.

Trump, uncharacteristically, is keener on something a little more subdued. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I’m sure we’ll keep you posted on the magnitude of Trump’s conflicts of interest as we go on.
Source: Uproxx.
Photo: The Apprentice.