Arnold Schwarzenegger Replaces Donald Trump As Host Of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’

While we’re all completely consumed by the whirling dervish that is Libspill, Auspol, WhereIsTony, PutYourOnionsOut, and just about every other snide, politically-charged hashtag under the sun, the wheel of politics keeps a-turnin’ globally.

And because America is the wondrous place that it is, the worlds of entertainment and politics are currently colliding.
Donald Trump‘s baffling/terrifying/eerily familiar Presidential campaign wears on, with the Republican candidate touring the nation with talks of walls and losers and on-the-spot hair checks and such.
In fact the only *real* downside to his march thus far has been the fact that NBC summarily fired him from his job as host of The Celebrity Apprentice because his remarks about Mexican immigrants and whatnot were viewed as being kind of, sort of, wholly fucking racist – a trait which can get you booted from a TV show, but apparently still doesn’t discount you from running the entire country.
But with Trump gone from that, the hosting chair is left wide open, and the workhorse franchise for NBC – which still pulls in some 7 million viewers in the US and raises huge amounts of cash for charity – has found its new face in, somewhat ironically, a former politician.
Arnold Schwarzenegger has been tapped by the network to take over the gig, with the Terminator now taking on a whole new meaning.
Whether Arnie retains Donald’s signature “You’re fired” catch phrase, opts to go with one of his own like “Hasta la vista,” or simply chooses to hoist contestants above his head and hurl them out of the high rise window down onto the street below remains to be seen.
One thing’s for sure, though – this does exist.
Photo: ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images.