So, Turns Out We All Just Got Catfished By A Fake Tony Armstrong OnlyFans Account

Tony Armstrong fake onlyfans

In news that has quite literally ruined my entire day, it’s been confirmed that the Tony Armstrong OnlyFans account is actually a catfish, despite its verified tick. Which sucks, since we, PEDESTRIAN.TV, actually subscribed to it. RIP our $4.99 USD.

In case you missed it, earlier this arvo an OnlyFans account claiming to be Tony Armstrong appeared, and was retweeted and shared by journalists on Twitter, and reported on by us as well as

However, it’s come out that actually, it’s not real – meaning we all got catfished. I can’t fucken believe this.

Tony Armstrong catfish onlyfans
I feel like I’ve been cheated on.

The devastating news was reported by, after suspicions arose as people waited for Tony to tweet about it.

Welp, now he has, and it’s… not him. Brb while I cry.

It’s left a lot of confusion on Twitter, since the OnlyFans account literally has a verified tick (!!) and the posts are all selfies of Tony.

Whoever is behind this has clearly realised the nation’s love/thirst for Tony Armstrong, but honestly, what a weird fucking scam. Who makes a fake account of a sports journalist collecting donations through a verified OnlyFans???? Although it fooled everyone, so I guess it worked.

Honestly, I just hope that whoever catfished us (that was a whole $6.80 a month in Australian dollars!!!) is still donating the money to The Robert Connor Dawes Foundation, an Aussie not-for-profit organisation that facilitates funding in brain research, care and development in the hopes of eliminating brain cancer. Since that would make me feel better about this whole thing.

But since it’s literally lying about its identity… well, let’s not get our hopes up.