Does… Does Tony Abbott Not Realise He’s Not The Prime Minister Anymore?

Sure, the headline might be reaching a little bit. But the more we’ve thought about it, the more it all kinda makes sense. Thanks to a tweet sent out a short time ago, there’s now more than a tiny chance that Tony Abbott simply does not know – or refuses to acknowledge – that he is not the Prime Minister anymore.

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It’s been nearly three years to the day that Abbott was officially removed from the Prime Minister’s office by Malcolm Turnbull, himself deposed by a marionette puppet operated by the Liberal Party’s most brain-poisoned lunatics. And yet today, Abbott’s taken to Twitter to, of all things, trumpet the strength of his government which apparently grows daily.

What the fuck is going on there. Has no one told him? Did he go to the Eternal Sunshine place and have his concession speech erased from his memory? Did one of his many flags topple over and bash him in the head?

That’s the kind of thing a middle-aged bloke in a sweater vest would say about his marriage despite the fact the wife took off with with his best mate several years ago.

Weirder still, Abbott followed that one up with another one acknowledging former Howard-era Deputy PM John Anderson, with the kind of language you’d expect the actual PM to use.

Where’s the tale of the tape here:

  • Refused to leave Parliament after he was ousted.
  • Acts like he never lost the job.
  • Constantly snips at anyone who sits in the “official” PM’s chair.

You know what? I reckon old mate thinks he’s still the Big Dog. 100%.

Tone. My dude. What are you doing.

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