Tony Abbott Is The Biggest “Roadblock” To Marriage Equality, Says Penny Wong

Labor Senator and Australia’s first openly-gay woman in Cabinet, Penny Wong, has labelled Prime Minister Tony Abbott the biggest “roadblock” in Australia’s fight for marriage equality, according to The Guardian

This man? A roadblock to marriage equality? Surely not. 

Wong also criticised the warped rhetoric and semantics currently featuring in anti-marriage equality campaigners’ debate, saying on Saturday:

“The sort of language and propositions from those who oppose marriage equality flick between illogical and outright offensive.

“I wish the standard of this debate would perhaps be a little better than suggesting that marriage equality will somehow lead to polygamy.”

Wong’s comments allude to LNP Senator Eric Abetz‘s commentary on the marriage equality debate this week – an impassioned op-ed claimed same sex marriage in Australia should only be legalised when it becomes legal in Asia, and suggested that same sex marriage could act as a gateway for legalising polygamy in the country. -_-

Adding to that sentiment today is Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce, who claimed Asia would see Australia’s legalisation of gay marriage as “decadent“, and said it would be problematic for Parliament to “pass a piece of legislation that said that a diamond is a square”.

“I didn’t notice Eric Abetz being stifled in any way. I never noticed Cory Bernardi being stifled in any way,” Penny Wong said on Saturday, in response to a question on her own “stifling” of the issue. 

On Friday, a push for marriage equality to gain more traction came from within Abbott HQ, after Tony Abbott’s openly-gay sister Christine Forster called on the PM to allow ministers to decide on the issue via a conscience vote. 

Meanwhile, as far as Tony Abbott is concerned, at least one Australian hopes “people stop bulling [sic] you”.
Poor, sweet innocent Eva.

via The Guardian. 
Lead image by Cole Bennetts via Getty.