‘Today’ Made Karl Do A Hannibal Lecter Impression & I Had To Watch It So You Do Too

It takes a very special, perhaps broken, sort of brain to want to make breakfast television on the regular. So all the utterly cooked shit they manage to fill the early hours with comes with a certain amount of cut slack. But even that has its limits, and this truly insane Today promo featuring Karl Stefanovic as Hannibal Lecterof all things is well beyond that.

For reasons I’ll never be able to fully grasp, producers at Today have cast Karl and Ally Langdon as Dr. Lecter and Clarice Starling in a promo for the show’s rebooted hosting roster in 2020.

The parallels here being that Dr. Lecter was a fictional cannibalistic serial killer who escaped prison after caving in a cop’s skull with his own nightstick, whereas Karl said some mean things about his bosses in the back of an Uber once.

Same. Those two things? They’re the same thing.

What the living, breathing fuck was that. “Breakfast television gets juicy” what does that even mean. Why did edit in Karl making those god damn FACES while flashing those words up on the screen. Why to all of it. Why.

Anything with this head in it should be, by all rights, illegal. That is my truth.

Karl’s face when the world record chilli pie really do be that hot.