Karl Stefanovic Either Confirmed Wife Jasmine Is Pregnant Or Just King Trolled All Of Us

Jasmine Stefanovic, née Yarbrough, is pregnant.

At least, that’s what all the headlines will have you believe.

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Jasmine, 34, has reportedly been pregnant to husband Karl Stefanovic, 45, since September, according to Women’s Day. The couple haven’t made an ‘official’ announcement as of yet, but earlier this month Jasmine and her mates made some not-so-subtle hints that she was certified up-the-duff.

Well, now the Daily Mail has published a bunch of pap pics of Jasmine and her “baby bump”, as she, Karl, and at least two of his kids from his previous marriage to Cassandra Thorburn enjoyed a day at the beach. Is it a baby bump? Is it a post-Christmas food baby? Is it a very normal lil’ belly that implies neither pregnancy nor overeating? WHO KNOWS. Certainly not any of us.

Anyway, you can see those pics here.

Well, cut to Karl Stefanovic himself, who appears to have studied at the feet of expert level tabloid troll herself, Jasmine. He posted a pic of himself at the beach, with – look, there’s no way around this – a little bit of a belly himself, captioning it: “After a great deal of speculation… the rumours are true.” He included a little baby emoji, just to add fuel to the fire.

Now, let’s be clear here: neither Karl nor Jasmine have technically confirmed the pregnancy, although plenty of publications seem to be running with the post as fact. Possibly it is. The couple have dealt with all kinds of media obtrusion and wild speculation since they got together, so maybe now they’re saying “fuck it” and having a laugh while growing a little human.

Adding to the speculation is many of Karl’s Nine colleagues – including Today host Deborah Knight – commented on the post with “Daddy”. Plenty of other media figures and celebrities who may well know Karl and Jasmine personally offered their congratulations (although maybe for ‘public figures’ this is the same as commenting on the pregnancy Facebook post of that girl you went to school with a decade ago and haven’t seen since).

But consider this: Karl is a known larrikin. Perhaps he was just poking fun at both the rumours and his dad bod. Either way, I will NOT rest until Jasmine posts a cute photo of a sonogram or some shit with the caption “Can’t wait to meet you!”.