Tkay Maidza To Play 2017 Gov Ball Alongside Friggin’ Behemoth Lineup

Oh hell fuckin’ YEAH the 2017 Governor’s Ball has been announced, and it’s got a real healthy dose of Australian talent in there, including one of my absolute favourite female MCs, Tkay Maidza.

The excitement of having a badass woman of colour from the glossy hills of Adelaide is second to none, because god damn we have some talented women over here and it’s about time they cop some recognition beyond our borders.
It’s definitely a step up for representation from down under, as Tkay is joined by Kevin Parker, Flume, The Avalanches, Rüfus du Sol, and Honourary Australian (read: New Zealander), Lorde.

Well, I’m going to have serious FOMO.
Actually, acts that have at least one person that isn’t a dude is not toooo bad, with 14 of the acts across the festival including at least one chick. 
I mean it’s still not equal representation but god damn we’re slowly getting better at recognising that gals can belt out good tunas.
Last year’s event featured Courtney Barnett (and now look where she is, right?) and Chet Faker (now known as Nick Murphy, if you haven’t been paying attention).

More Aussies in the international game, please. 

Source: Facebook / Tkay Maidza.
Photo: Cybele Malinowski.